Once your emergency dental needs are taken care of, we always recommend a New Comprehensive Patient Examination to be booked.

This appointment involves complete examination of the teeth and surrounding tissues, scaling and polishing, radiographs (x-rays), charting of the treatment plan, a consultation and discussion of the treatment plan and the costs involved. Once this examination is completed, you will be well informed about your dental health status and the next appointments can be subsequently planned to suit your needs.

At M Dental, we strongly encourage our patients to regularly undergo an examination. It is very important to have your teeth and mouth checked twice a year, and we highly recommend six monthly visits as much can change in your mouth over a short period of time. There are many health problems and diseases that have signs which can present in the mouth. Dr Kasture can identify these signs and any other problems that may be evident and advise preventative treatment to avoid a much bigger problem in the future. A smaller problem now is much easier to treat than a larger one, and in most cases is less time consuming and costly.

For further information on general oral health care, visit our Preventive Services page.

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